Our Partnership

with Symantec, A Division of Broadcom

Our partner Symantec, a division of Broadcom, offers the broadest and deepest set of threat intelligence tools in the industry, applying artificial intelligence to analyze over 3.7 billion lines of telemetry. This level of visibility across endpoint, email, and web traffic allows us to discover and block advanced targeted attacks that would otherwise go undetected. For more information, please watch this short video.

Essential security solutions to protect your organization

The Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) Platform delivers endpoint security, web security, email security, information security and identity security across on-premises and cloud infrastructures to provide the most complete and effective asset protection in the industry.           


Endpoints are the critical last line of defense against cyber attackers. Symantec Endpoint Security solutions prevent, harden, detect, and respond to emerging threats across laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, servers, and cloud workloads.

Video: Endpoint Prevention

Endpoint Security Discovery Guide


User identities are under attack by cybercriminals who hope to exploit access and privileges and do harm. Symantec mitigates these attacks by enforcing granular security policies to stop unauthorized access to sensitive resources and data.

Video: Symantec Identity Security

Protecting your Continuous Integration
and Deployment Pipeline


Symantec offers integrated information security solutions to help you protect sensitive data everywhere it goes – across endpoints, cloud services, private apps, and on-premises.

Video: Symantec Data Loss Prevention Cloud and Symantec CloudSOC

Symantec Secure Access Cloud Discovery Guide


Email and web access are the lifeblood and essential communication means for every modern organization. Symantec has a full array of network security solutions, as well as a shared set of advanced threat protection technologies.

Video: All-Around Visibility and Protection

Symantec Secure Web Gateway Discover Guide

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