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With the increasing volume and complexity of data, added to the growing number of regulations and cyber threats, managing data risks is more challenging than ever before.
Infolock is here to help.

About Us

Who is Infolock

Founded in 2005, Infolock is the go-to data risk management advisory, consulting, and managed services firm for security conscious organizations. With a programmatic approach, Infolock expertly manages the complex data risks of its clients, enabling organizations to achieve their strategic business objectives.


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Our Services​

Infolock’s service offerings provide comprehensive and expert hands-on guidance and support across a wide range of data risk related needs.

Why Infolock

Experts in data risk management, Infolock helps you effectively secure, manage and optimize your data.

Data-Centric and Programmatic Approach
With a data-first mentality, Infolock helps customers unify their DRM efforts into manageable processes and purposeful technologies.
Industry Experts &
Strategic Advisors

Since 2005, Infolock has assisted hundreds of customers in understanding their data risk posture.

Designated Resources

Infolock customers receive designated support including access to highly skilled and credentialed team members.

Our Partners​

Infolock is honored to partner with the industry’s leading data risk management tech innovators.


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Protect Your Data In A More Effective Way Now​

As a control framework, DataRAMP provides guidance in creating a Data Risk Management Program that is easily understood, measured, and effective in managing all aspects of data risk. Download your copy today!