Data Discovery

What is Data Discovery & What is Infolock's Approach?

What is Data Discovery?

Data discovery is the process of identifying and locating data assets within an organization, including structured and unstructured data stored in databases, data warehouses, file systems, and other repositories.

Inventory Development

The goal of data discovery is to create a data inventory of assets that outlines details like location, ownership, and sensitivity. Data discovery is performed using both DLP/FAM tools that enable activities such as automated scanning and crawling of data repositories, metadata analysis, keyword and pattern matching, along with more analog activities like manual reviews of data sources and stakeholder interviews.

Data Management Foundation

Data discovery helps organizations understand the scope and complexity of their data estate and establishes a foundation for effective data management. Data discovery supports regulatory, privacy, and security compliance, detailing where data is, who has access to it, and what risks it poses. Data discovery helps prioritize security control implementation and remediation efforts.


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What is Infolock’s Data Inventory Solution?

Infolock’s Data Inventory solution provides a comprehensive report on an organization’s strategic data assets, including location, ownership, and sensitivity. Our team of experts works to understand an organization’s unique data discovery needs, including compliance requirements, technologies in scope, repositories to be scanned, and the types of data to be analyzed.

Alongside stakeholder interviews and document reviews, Infolock’s Data Inventory solution includes expert engineers who install and configure data scanning technology, execute scans, analyze the results, develop remediation metrics, and publish a findings and recommendations report that outlines how to prioritize and remediate data risks in the immediate- and long-term.

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What Are the Benefits of a
Data Inventory?

The increased visibility that Infolock’s Data Inventory solution provides helps to support business-
critical initiatives including:
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