Managed Services Plans

Advise Plan

Service Benefits

Establish a top-down holistic strategy for managing your organization’s data risk that is dynamic-by-design to support your everchanging regulatory and business landscape

Develop & maintain a sustainable, cost-effective, and multi-phased DRM Program Build program plan

And so much more...

Transform Plan

Service Benefits

Everything in the Advise Plan plus:

Leverage a Solutions Architect to perform architectural reviews & healthchecks, optimize product integration & utilization, and implement consolidation/migration efforts where applicable

And so much more...

Manage Plan

Service Benefits

Utilize Infolock to manage & optimize your DLP program

Rely on Infolock for initial incident triage & investigation

Synthesize management of multiple DLP tools into a consolidated programmatic approach

And so much more...

Operationalize Plan

Service Benefits

Everything in the Advise, Transform & Manage Plans plus:

Bridge the expertise gap by leveraging multiple designated SMEs

Consolidate your data governance, data protection, and data security needs into a managed Data Risk Management program

And so much more...

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annual subscription



annual subscription



annual subscription



annual subscription

Services Features



DRM Assessment

Annual Program Roadmap

Establish a top-down holistic strategy for managing your organization’s data risk that is dynamic-by-design to support your everchanging regulatory and business landscape


Optimize Product Integration

DRM Program Build

Managed DLP & CASB

Tier 1 Incident Response

Reporting & Analytics

Technical Administration

KPI Development & Tracking

Designated Resources

Solutions Architect

Customer Success Manager

Advisory Consultant

Operations Analyst


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a package and a plan?
Packages are projects with a one-time fee and definitive start and end dates. Plans are an ongoing subscription that renew annually.
How many products do the packages and plans support?

Service packages & plans are priced on a per product basis, additional products can be added for a fee.

What vendors and products does Infolock support?

DLP: Forcepoint, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Symantec

CASB: Forcepoint, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Symantec

Network Security: Proofpoint, Symantec

Insider Risk Management: Microsoft, Proofpoint

Threat Protection: Symantec

ZTNA: Forcepoint, Proofpoint, Symantec

My organization uses data protection products from multiple vendors. Can Infolock manage a hybrid environment?

Yes and we can also analyze the environment and optimize and/or consolidate those data protection products to ensure your organization is getting the most value possible out of your data protection investments.

What is the pricing for each package and plan?

Jump on a call with an Infolock consultant to get an idea of accurate Package and Plan pricing based on your organization’s data protection and data risk management needs. Schedule your call here.

Which package or plan makes the most sense for my organization?

Schedule a zero-commitment call with an Infolock consultant where we can discuss your data protection and data risk management needs and then recommend the best customized option for your organization. Schedule your call here.

What is a DRM Program Build?

A Data Risk Management Program Build, or DRM Program Build is a multi-phase service offering that starts with a systematic analysis of a client’s data risk, along with their capacity to manage it. Once gaps are identified, Infolock develops and guides customers through a sustainable, cost-effective plan for program implementation and management. Following implementation, Infolock remains a subject matter expert and advisor to clients, ensuring continuous program accountability and maturation. When properly implemented, a DRM Program Build can effectively support ongoing strategic business objectives and provide meaningful risk reduction to the organization. Learn more about Data Risk Management and our DRM Program Build expertise here.


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