Advisory Services

What Advisory Services does Infolock offer?

Advisory Services

Infolock’s Advisory Services group guides customers through the paradigm shift of learning how to see data as a strategic asset that requires intentional and meaningful risk management. Leveraging Infolock's proprietary DataRAMP™ framework, Advisory Services helps organizations assess, plan, implement, and maintain a Data Risk Management (DRM) Program that supports the management and protection of organizational data.


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Current Advisory Services


DRM Program Build

A Data Risk Management Program Build, or DRM Program Build, is a multi-phased service offering that starts with a systematic analysis of an organization’s data risk, along with their capacity to manage it. Once gaps are identified, Infolock  develops and guides customers through a sustainable, cost-effective plan for program implementation & management. Following implementation, Infolock remains a subject matter expert and advisor to clients, ensuring continuous program accountability & maturation. When properly implemented, a DRM Program Build can effectively support ongoing strategic business objectives and provide meaningful risk reduction to the organization.


Data Classification

Infolock’s Data Classification solution provides a comprehensive data governance strategy — including policies, standards, tagging schemas, and operational plans — that align with organizational and regulatory requirements, and balance technical capabilities. Infolock uses this program strategy to configure data tagging technology, provide operational guidance, and support user acceptance testing, use case testing, exception handling, and production deployment.


Data Inventory

Infolock’s Data Inventory solution provides a comprehensive report on an organization’s strategic data assets, including location, ownership, and sensitivity. Our experts work to understand an organization’s unique data discovery needs, including compliance requirements, technologies in scope, repositories to be scanned, and the types of data to be analyzed. Alongside stakeholder interviews and document reviews, Infolock engineers install and configure data scanning technology, execute scans, analyze the results, develop remediation metrics, and publish a findings and recommendations report that outlines how to prioritize and remediate data risks in the immediate- and long-term.


What are the benefits of Infolock's Advisory Services?

Strategic Advisors

Infolock’s Advisory Services team is committed to walking alongside customers throughout the engagement process. Tangible recommendations and actionable road maps are provided, along with ongoing support, coordination, and guidance for achieving program/ engagement milestones and objectives.

Programmatic & Data-centric
With a data-first mentality, Infolock helps customers unify their information governance, data privacy, data security, data management, and data compliance efforts into manageable processes and purposeful technologies to solidify the organization’s holistic data risk management strategy. Objectives and metrics are then established, tracked, and reported on regularly to easily communicate the program’s efficacy and progress.
Industry Experts
For nearly two decades, Infolock has been a thought leader in data governance, data security, data protection, and data privacy spaces. Since 2005, Infolock has assisted hundreds of customers in understanding their data risk posture and improving their data risk management maturity. Information security executives around the world trust Infolock’s proprietary data risk management framework, DataRAMP, to guide them through the development of a comprehensive DRM Program.

To see these benefits in action, check out the DRM Program Build case study – “Infolock Delivers Full
Data Risk Management Program for Ullico.”


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Advisory Services Case Study