Data Loss Prevention


What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of security technologies, processes, and policies that help organizations prevent sensitive data from being lost, stolen, or exposed. DLP solutions are designed to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data as it moves across networks, endpoints, storage repositories, and cloud environments.


Why use Data Loss Prevention?

DLP can be used to protect a wide range of data types, including personally identifiable information (PII), financial information, healthcare data, intellectual property, and confidential business information. DLP solutions typically use a combination of content analysis, contextual analysis, and user behavior monitoring to identify and prevent data leakage.

DLP solutions can be implemented as software or hardware solutions, and they can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. The ultimate goal of DLP is to ensure that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users and is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. 


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What are Infolock’s DLP Solutions?

As veteran DLP experts, Infolock maintains a wide variety of DLP-related solutions, including:


INSIGHT Appliance & Support

Infolock’s proprietary INSIGHT DLP Appliance is a customizable and scalable hardware appliance specifically designed for Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention suite. Appliance customers also receive one year of INSIGHT Support, which provides 24/7 hardware troubleshooting and break-fix assistance. INSIGHT Support is renewable on an annual basis.


Professional Services

Infolock offers technical expertise in the design, architecture, implementation, support and maintenance of DLP. Common Professional Services engagements include DLP Implementations, DLP Upgrades, Health Checks, Policy Development, or Policy Review.


Solution Critical Care

Infolock’s advanced support solution that goes beyond troubleshooting and break-fix support by providing expert assistance with configuration questions, architecture and environment issues, and even policy development. SCC also includes value-added services like an annual DLP health check and application upgrade.


Managed Data Loss Prevention

Infolock’s MDLP solution provides outsourced management of your organization’s DLP and CASB solutions. Infolock’s MDLP customers also gain access to the Infolock Data Analytics Platform (IDAP), an analytics dashboard that displays near real-time DLP program metrics, and in tandem with our Managed Services team, serves as visualization for operational and strategic DLP-related trends.


What Are The benefits of Infolock’s
DLP Solution?

Veteran DLP
Access to veteran DLP experts that maintain all relevant vendor and security industry certifications (e.g., Symantec Knight, CISSP, etc).
Ability to leverage Infolock’s extensive data risk management knowledge to enable a more holistic DLP program.
Infolock’s ongoing support solutions (e.g., INSIGHT Support, SCC, & MDLP) provide a cost-effective approach to developing and maintaining a DLP program
Risk Reduction
Infolock’s ongoing support solutions (e.g., INSIGHT Support, SCC, & MDLP) provide a cost-effective approach to developing and maintaining a DLP program

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