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At Infolock, data is more than an asset worth protecting — it’s our passion. We’re experts in uncovering where data lives, what it is, how it moves, who has access to it (and what they're doing with it), and how to protect and benefit from it.

The Experience You Need

Since 2005, Infolock has advised some of the largest companies in the world on their sensitive data risk and information protection needs, planning, and programs. Our deep experience with healthcare, finance, government, retail, R&D, and manufacturing clients has given us a unique understanding of and appreciation for data, and the business processes driving that data.

We know how to build, refine, and strengthen data protection programs for organizations of all sizes.

In 2018 we released DataRAMP, the industry’s first and only Data Risk Management Framework (DRMF), for assessing data risks and organizational posture, identifying gaps and strengths, prioritizing outcomes, determining next steps, operating the program, and measuring progress over time.

Your Trusted Partner for Data Risk

We know that there is no “set it and forget it” solution to protecting data. Our consultants take the time to sit with key leaders and business stakeholders to determine program goals and distinct data assets, and then develop a strategic implementation plan to reduce data risk. Our services include:

DLP Strategic Planning & Program Development

Determining how to fit DLP to your organization is crucial to success. We will plan for and carry out a new implementation, or retool and improve your existing setup.

Data Risk Management Assessment & Program Development

Our consultants will use our Data Risk Management Framework (DRMF) to systematically discover and understand your data risk, and your capacity to manage it. If there are gaps we develop a sustainable, cost-effective plan to fix your program now and in the future.

Executive Reporting & Communications

We’ll explain your current risk posture, and educate senior executive leadership, including C-suite leaders and Directors, about making informed governance decisions about data risk. We’re experts in making complex information not only understandable, but actionable.

Data Classification

It’s nearly impossible to protect data if you can’t identify or classify it; our structured methodology and criteria enable you to identify, tag, and manage your sensitive data, resulting in improved control over data risks (regardless of what technology tools you have).

Data Estate Mapping & Inventory

Few organizations comprehend the breadth and depth of their data stores. We untangle accumulated data to determine what is is, where it lives, how it moves, who can access it, and what it’s value is. Understanding is the first step in protection.

Data Security Program Development

The solution to better data security isn’t always to buy more tools; you may have everything you need already to control and manage data risks. We can help you develop the right program for the right reasons, and operate it effectively.

Data Privacy & Compliance Program Development

Trying to be compliant with regulations like GDPR, CCPA (California), and CDPA (Virginia) without thoughtful, established, and enforced management processes doesn’t work. We’ll show you how to make sense out of all the regulations, and develop an operational program matched to your unique, strategic risk tolerances.

Program Consultation

Whether you’re looking to improve security, address threats, respond to compliance concerns, communicate to internal or external stakeholders, or match technology tools to business requirements, our consultants can help. We’ve empowered hundreds of organizations large and small over the past two decades.


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