Advisory Services

Expert Guidance from Industry Pioneers

At Infolock, we know data is an asset worth protecting. Our team sees organizations struggling to comply with changing mandates and requirements, often because they are lacking a data risk management program. Infolock Advisory Services allow organizations to look through our experienced lens to see and protect valuable data. We use our expertise to help organizations define program goals and develop a precise plan of action that includes matching the best tools to unique requirements. Recognizing where data lives, how it moves, and how to protect it is our passion, and what we do best.

A Strategic Approach

Since 2005, Infolock has been advising some of the largest companies in the world, who entrust our consultants with their highly sensitive data and regulated information. Advising big healthcare, finance, research and development, and manufacturing industries has left us with an understanding of the depth and breadth of organizational data, and how to strategically build, refine, and mature dependable programs for organizations of all sizes.

Our combined experience and expertise allowed us to develop the Data Risk Management Framework, which articulates the process of assessing a current data program, identifying program gaps and strengths, and informing next steps. The DRMF was recently recognized as a best practice by the Center for Internet Security, and is a key tool used by our consultants as they ensure comprehensive solutions to your data security needs.

Consulting Services

We know that there is no “set it and forget it” solution to protecting data. Our consultants take the time to sit with you, determine your program goals and distinct data assets, and then develop a strategic implementation plan to reduce data risk.

Our services include:

  • Data Risk Management Program Development
    Where does your data live? Who accesses it? How and where is it able to move? Whether refining existing programs or building from scratch, we ask and help you answer the essential questions.

    • Data Loss Prevention
      • Program Development
      • Health Checks
      • Data Inventory
      • Data Classification
      • Tool Selection and Implementation Support
        Align programs and tools to organizational goals
      • Reporting
        We help you determine what to report on, and present it in an understandable manner.
    • Support and Advisory Services for CISOs and Data Protection Officers
  • Security Program Development
    What impending threats does your company face? What tools will best protect against those threats?
  • Addressing Compliance Regulations
    Trying to be compliant without a thoughtful, established program just won’t work. We’ll show you how to make sense out of it and develop a program meeting the right level of risk tolerance.

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