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Data Compliance & Governance

Like most organizations, you are probably drowning in data. Some of this is highly sensitive–personal information, intellectual property, financial records–but much of it may just be weighing your organization down.

Infolock can give you a strategic lifeline, providing the assessment and discovery services, security and privacy planning, program development, technical tools, and training and resources you need to maximize control of your data–ensuring successful compliance and data governance now and into the future.

It’s likely you’ve been storing and moving around data you don’t need for years and even decades. Who owns it? Why do you still have it? And most importantly, what’s your strategy as you continue to grow?

Data Management

Day in and day out, data drives every organizational process–from customer interactions and financial transactions, to internal collaboration and cloud-based sharing. Data is complex and messy. Most organizations never progress beyond putting out security fires and jumping from one crisis to the next.

With Infolock, you can get out in front of your data once and for all.

We’ll find out how much of your data store you can safely purge. We’ll uncover whether sensitive data is leaking out. We’ll put frameworks in place to deal with access and privacy. And we’ll ensure you have the right mechanisms to securely share your most sensitive information.

Armed with our expert staff, tactics and technical solutions, you’ll be able to get out in front of your data operations–and stay there for good.

Information Security Assessment

No two ways around it. You can’t secure data you don’t know about–nor can you secure data you don’t fully understand.

Success starts with a comprehensive information security assessment. To do that right requires total access. Your weak spots, vulnerabilities and deficiencies must be thoroughly analyzed–and just as importantly, you need to find out what’s working well and where to double down. This is a near impossible task for most in-house security teams.

Infolock provides the deep discovery, broad review and balanced analysis of your entire information security program and posture. Our assessments are immediately actionable with clearly prioritized next-steps, both strategic and tactical. And rest assured, they’ll be delivered reading-ready for your Boardroom–and your server room, too.

Security Training & Staffing

The shift to an ever-connected world happened almost overnight. Today, desktops are often secondary to smartphones and offsite work is increasingly replaced by Cloud-based access. The digital world will continue to evolve–but we can train your staff to adapt just as quickly.

At Infolock, we believe in transforming security teams, IT staff, application developers, users, senior executives–and even your customers and partners–into better, more secure versions of themselves. We go beyond simply teaching people how to spot phishing attempts and spam. We take the time to carefully assess, analyze, develop, provide, measure and optimize our training and staffing services for your real world challenges.

At the end of the day, your people won’t be liabilities anymore–they’ll be security assets.

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Information Security Program Development

Too many organizations let audit findings, vendor pitches and ad hoc requests become their information security “program.” Audit gaps and marketing messages don’t add up to a complete strategy or effective control–they distract your team and keep you from systematically reducing risk over time.

At Infolock, we build programs differently.

First, we develop a detailed, comprehensive and realistic assessment of your business risks. We use practical, long-established assessment frameworks to cover all bases, but we focus on two often ignored areas: 1) data and 2) people. We believe understanding and securing these assets is even more vital than shoring up networks, remote systems, Cloud services, applications and mobile devices.

Second, we zero in on the particular features of your organization. This includes: determining your mission, who your people are and what they do, what systems you have in place, what information is sensitive, where your data is stored, how it’s accessed, how long it’s kept, where it’s sent and with whom it’s shared.

Using these findings, we’ll create a practical information security strategy that is rigorous, customized to your business realities and thoughtfully deployed. And then we’ll continually and methodically monitor it over time–keeping you current, consistent and in control.

Data Governance & Management

Data can be overwhelming. Managing it can be even more daunting: storage, access controls, discovery, classification, tagging, loss/leakage prevention, archiving, encryption, compliance management, destruction. How do they all fit together? If you’re like most organizations, they simply don’t.

At Infolock, we’ve been advising organizations to demystify data management for over a decade. We do it by breaking it down into manageable pieces, focusing on risk-based protection–moving away from the industry’s traditional obsession with perimeters, borders, networks, devices and external attackers–to protecting your data and people from insider risks and threats.

We’ve developed a unique, next-generation data governance controls framework and advisory methodology that lets us efficiently assess your data and how your people use it, review existing protections, and identify gaps and weaknesses. This leads directly to practical, actionable remediation plans that quantifiably reduce risk over time through process changes, technical fixes and restructuring of human elements and efforts.

We take incredible pride in what we do–and we can guide you from “overwhelmed” to “in control” in a lot less time than you may think.

Incident Response Planning

Information security incidents happen to everyone. It’s not a question of “if”–it’s a question of “when” and “how badly.” As we all know, the news is full of horror stories about organizations hit hard. What separates the resilient ones is their ability to anticipate, react and resume normal operations quickly.

At Infolock, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all protocol for putting out fires. Your incident response plan must be smart, simple and flexible–it’s critical that you can adapt to unforeseen circumstances and respond the right way, with the right people.

Working together, we’ll build you an incident response plan that works. We’ll teach your people the essential skills they need to perform at a high level of efficiency and efficacy–and without relying on external consultants every time there’s a problem. And we’ll help you learn, advance and mature your plan over time. The reality is, incident response is a core function every organization must have in the 21st century.

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You can’t manage and protect your data until you first determine which data is sensitive–and why. We classify all your data based on numerous factors: its relevance to the company, how and it why it needs to be shared, its sensitivity to different business units, and the context in which it will be used.

Simply labeling data by category is a fatal mistake many organizations make. We understand first, classify second.

Data Loss Prevention

DLP is foundational security. But it’s not just a technical tool–it’s an organizational risk reduction solution.  Implemented properly, DLP will help you understand where your sensitive data is, how it’s used and how to protect it. By uncovering risky behaviors, you’ll be able to identify and fix broken business processes for good. Infolock provides the highly experienced resources you need to implement, optimize, and effectively manage DLP.

Risk Analytics

Most organizations deploy dozens of security solutions, all of which produce vast data streams. Simply feeding that data to a SIEM is not enough. The data needs to be filtered, correlated and analyzed in a meaningful way that makes sense for your business.  Effective risk analytics allows you to rapidly respond to threats and incidents–before your business is impacted.


Sensitive data must be protected–that should go without saying. And so it’s both surprising and concerning to see so many organizations failing to encrypt their sensitive data. Don’t be like them. Come up with a strategy, invest in the right tools and implement them properly. Whether sensitive data is in flight or at rest, compliance requirements and business practicalities demand the use of encryption.


A critical part of protecting data is controlling access to that data. It’s not just about authorizing users–it’s about who they are and under what conditions they are allowed access. Simply issuing tokens for dual authentication is not enough. To be effective, you need a thoughtful process that takes context into consideration. And you need the right controls in place to keep that data secure–no matter who has access.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is often the last line of defense when it comes to a data breach.  While every organization has some level of endpoint protection, few implement it properly–and fewer still effectively manage and optimize it over time.  Infolock can help you navigate the sea of endpoint security vendors, help you choose the most appropriate technology, and implement it effectively.


There is no shortage of solutions to help you archive data.  But have you thought through what you’re storing, and why?  Most organizations archive everything, because they haven’t properly classified their data or taken appropriate legal and compliance considerations into account. This sort of blanket approach increases your surface area of risk, with limited operational benefit.  We can help you do better.

Usage / Governance

Proper security means seeing the full picture of all the data in your network. Where is it? Who can access it now?  Who has had access in the past? Is it irrelevant now or still critical to business operations? We have solutions that can help you answer these questions, and more importantly, manage this data over time.  Knowledge about your data and its function is critical to implementing sound data governance.


Litigation costs are always significant.  They are even more significant when organizations haven’t applied proper data governance and simply stored everything–increasing the amount of data that is legally discoverable. Without an in-house eDiscovery solution, the problem is further compounded when you have to procure the services of an expensive law firm.  Implemented properly–and with guidance from those who know the law–eDiscovery solutions can provide tremendous costs savings.

Appliance Solutions

A standardized, purpose-built hardware platform on which to quickly deploy – and easily manage – your security applications is critical when time is short and resources are limited. Infolock’s line of appliance solutions, including our INSIGHT DLP Appliance developed specifically for Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software, provides customizable and scalable deployment environments to help protect your sensitive data from Day One.

360° Solutions:



CISO Services

An empowered, experienced CISO is vital to building a strong, sustainable information security program. The successful ones bring a unique combination of skills: technical security knowledge, regulatory expertise, strong personnel management, and the ability to confidently communicate with a board of directors.

All of this makes hiring and retaining talent a challenge. Whatever your current operation, Infolock has numerous ways to bolster your information security leadership–addressing immediate needs and setting you up for long-term success.

  • Planning – We work with CISO’s to develop smart program strategies.
  • Program Design – We build your security program from the ground up.
  • Program Optimization – We help CISO’s mature existing security.
  • Training – We get newly-promoted CISO’s up to speed on compliance requirements.
  • Staffing – We bridge the gap in the wake of a CISO’s departure.
Managed Data Loss Prevention

DLP is foundational security technology.  Done right, it not only provides broad detection coverage across all data loss vectors, but insight into where sensitive data is stored, how it’s used and what business processes create the most risk.

The big mistake many make is treating DLP as a “set it and forget it” solution. Because even if technical implementation is a success, if DLP is not optimized, matured and managed over time, an organization will never see the ROI they want.

At Infolock, we specialize in proactive DLP management–from both technical and business risk management perspectives. And we’ve been doing it successfully for over a decade. Our Managed Service experts provide your team with:

  • Incident Response
  • Policy Tuning
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Business Unit Engagement
  • System Health and Maintenance
  • Third Party Integration

DLP will be done right, provide measurable ROI and save you the cost of recruiting, training and retaining staff.  Infolock Managed DLP is also fully customizable–so we can complement your existing team or manage your full program.

Managed Security Services

Organizations spend millions on solutions for endpoint security, authentication, encryption, DLP, classification and eDiscovery. The question is, has it been money well spent? And are these solutions being effectively run?

Complex security solutions require expert management. Without that, you risk scenarios like undetected data loss, unencrypted data or improper authentication.  Worse still, organizations will spend millions on new solutions without realizing that existing solutions–if properly managed–already have the functionality they need.

Infolock Managed Security Services is here to maximize your security investments. We configure, implement, integrate and actively manage solutions–securing your environment and providing comprehensive reports on their effectiveness.

Our solutions are also fully customizable, so we can easily design a program to complement your existing security staff. Having our team of experts on hand also alleviates the risk of staff turnover–the main reason legacy solutions fail.