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Dive headfirst into safe-guarding your organization's most paramount asset: its data

Uncover industry insights with our new eBook, “When Shadows Cast Doubt: The Hidden Problem of Shadow DLP.” Delve into the emerging challenge of Shadow Data Loss Prevention (DLP), distinguishing it from the broader issue of Shadow IT and highlighting its unique implications for cybersecurity strategies. Enable your organization to identify, assess, and effectively integrate multiple DLP solutions in order to mitigate risks and enhance data protection.

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What will I gain from reading this eBook?

Equip your organization with the knowledge to not only recognize but also effectively manage and integrate multiple DLP tools, ensuring comprehensive data protection without compromising on efficiency.

Learn from real-world examples and gain actionable insights into creating a unified DLP strategy that addresses both immediate and long-term data security challenges.

Position your business to respond proactively to evolving data protection regulations, safeguarding your reputation and the trust of your customers.

What's inside the eBook?

  • The critical distinction between Shadow DLP and the familiar concept of Shadow IT, and why understanding this difference is vital for your data protection strategy.
  • Insights into how 2023 became a record year for data breaches, underlining the escalating necessity for robust DLP measures across industries beyond the traditionally regulated fields of healthcare and finance.
  • A deep dive into the complexities of Shadow DLP, including the proliferation of DLP tools without centralized oversight, leading to potential security gaps and inefficiencies.
  • Practical strategies for emerging from the shadows with a phased approach to tackling Shadow DLP, from taking inventory of your DLP solutions to creating a cohesive DLP program that aligns with your organizational goals.

Embrace the opportunity to redefine your data protection strategy. Download our eBook today and take the first step toward dispelling the shadows that cast doubt on your DLP efforts. 

Who should download this eBook?

  • CISOs, Information Security Managers, and Data Protection Officers seeking to fortify their data security measures.
  • Business leaders aiming to align their data protection strategies with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.
  • Anyone invested in the integrity and security of their organization’s data.