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Are you a data risk professional seeking to navigate the complex world of data security and risk management? Do you aspire to align your technical skills with the strategic needs of your organization? If yes, then An Insider’s Guide to a Career in Data Risk Management is tailor-made for you. Get your copy today!

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Why this Book?

Insightful Analysis

Dive deep into the core challenges and opportunities facing professionals in the data risk management field.

Practical Framework

Learn how utilizing a Data Risk Management Framework, like DataRAMP, integrates governance, visibility, and protection in order to help you master your role.

Real-World Applications

Discover engaging case studies and practical examples that bring data risk management to life.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the authors’ decades of experience in the field, offering you mentorship in every chapter.

Inside the Guide

The Data Risk Officer’s Dilemma

Understand the complexities and high stakes of your role in today’s data-driven landscape.

State of Data

Explore the evolving nature of privacy and its impact on organizations and individuals.

Costs of Data

Uncover the financial implications of data breaches and learn to communicate them effectively.


Learn to speak the language of business leaders and become a proactive force in your organization.

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Download your copy today and embark on a journey to redefine your career in data risk management.