Tuning DLP to your organizational needs is the key to success

Infolock is here to help

DLP is a powerful tool, but achieving optimal functionality requires a comprehensive approach. Running out of the box policies does not equate to a DLP Program, or effectively manage data risk.


A DLP Strategic Roadmap makes your existing setup work better for you. After learning about your organizational structure, business critical data, infrastructure architecture, and policies, we’ll establish a roadmap that matches DLP tools and policies to your specific requirements. Infolock’s DLP experts will work with you to implement the plan and tune DLP to your needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved incident response
    • Tailored policies and well-planned remediation processes that reduce false positives
  • Align organizational risk with technical capabilities
    • Maximize value by implementing and tuning tools to meet requirements
  • Meaningful reporting
    • DLP program reporting aligned with organizational risks and goals


DLP Strategic Roadmap & Program Development can also help you:

  • Mature your DLP Program
    • Build a strong foundation for organizational data risk management
  • Strategically prioritize next steps
    • Address need areas in order of importance
  • Maximize your current environment
    • Make the most of your existing resources with expert tuning and configuration
  • Make informed decisions
    • Gain insight and manage risk to organizational tolerance instead of standard or audit findings

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